NEER Study

“NEER” stands for Network of Enigmatic Exceptional Responders.

We are looking for people who have had a unique response to cancer treatments that are not effective for most other patients. Previously, these patients were dismissed as outliers under the assumption that not much could be learned, but this thinking has recently reversed dramatically.

Just as detailed study of rare diseases is illuminating basic biology in a way that informs larger disease populations, early study of exceptional responders is revealing new insights into tumor heterogeneity, overcoming heterogeneity-imposed therapeutic barriers, enabling more sophisticated pre-trial patient screening and enriching genomic profiling studies.

Who Can Volunteer

Exceptional Responders may include:

  • patients in early-phase clinical trials in which only a small percentage of the patients responded to the treatments being studied,
  • patients who were treated with drugs not found to be generally effective for their disease,
  • patients who were treated in later-phase clinical trials of single agents or combinations,
  • or even patients who were treated with established therapies.
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Exceptional responder to cancer treatment (as described above)

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Living in the United States

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Age 18 or older

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One of the first 100 people to enroll

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What to Expect

Here's what participation in the study involves.

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Register via email and give a brief description of what makes you an exceptional responder to cancer treatment.

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Complete an online questionnaire about your health history.

Illustration: Medical record access

Give access to your medical records.

Illustration: DNA sample collection

Collect blood, tumor, and stool (microbiome) samples for genetic testing.