Autism Study

Who Can Volunteer

Currently, you can volunteer for the PPM Autism Study if all four of the following are true for you:

Illustration: Puzzle pieces as symbol of autism

Diagnosed with autism or
autism spectrum disorder (ASD)

Illustration: Shapes of the six New England states

Live in New England
(Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, or Vermont)

Illustration: Birthday cake with 10 candles

Age 10 or older

Illustration: 100 people in PPM color spectrum

One of the first 100 people to enroll

Enroll Now

What to Expect

Here's what participation in the study involves.

Illustration: Enrollment confirmation and participation consent

Confirm your enrollment via email and give your consent to participate.

Illustration: Online questionnaire completion

Complete an online questionnaire about your health history.

Illustration: Medical record access

Give access to copies of your medical records.

Illustration: DNA sample collection

Collect a cheek swab or saliva sample for genetic testing.

Illustration: Fitbit tracking

Wear a Fitbit to track things like activity, heart rate, and sleep.

Illustration: Facebook and Twitter connection

Connect with us via Facebook and Twitter.